Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So I haven't posted in a long time! I am not so great at this :0D.
We have news! If you don't know Bella is going to be a big sister! I am pregnant with our 2nd child, who is due on November 29. We will find out next month if it is a girl or boy. Bella keeps playing with my tummy and belly button, which I tell her there is a baby in there and pretend she knows :-D Though I know Bella is just interested in belly buttons right now and thinks it is a game :-D.
Bella is growing up! She was weaned fully about a month ago. Her favorite new word is "Cheese" She says it most of the time to smile, not for the food :0D. She also says "bye-bye," "bubbles," "ma-ma" and "da-da," "uh-oh," "eye," and animal sounds. She also signs "more," "eat," "hungry" all the time! She eats all day long! and when she sees something she wants she says "mmmmmm" She is a pro at climbing the stairs and even sometimes goes foot over foot while holding the posts and mommy's hand. I am amazed too she how well she can climb and run, when she only started walking 4 months ago!
Bella is all over the place and learning new words all the time. It is truly amazing to see her constantly developing and what a joy and privilege we have! We are thrilled to welcome another baby and are sure Bella will be a wonderful big sister. She loves to pat and try to burp her baby cousin Brynn. Our camera has been broken so we don't have a lot of pics this month but her is a of our little girl!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bella is walking

Bella is walking! Bella finally got brave enough to let go and walk! She started walking on her own a little over a week ago! Boy is she off! She loves to walk and has even walked around me when I am about to pick her up! She is trying to figure out what to do with her arms. It is so fun watching her learn! Here is a video of her walking! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bella's Birthday Party!

We had Bella's 1st birthday party on Saturday! We had lots of family and 2 of her friends that are just a few months older then her. She had a blast!

Bella's birthday cake.

I'm done!

Playing with Bella

Present time: Bella got some great books, a talking programmable dog, a tea set, clothes......

Mia playing with the tissue paper!
Bella playing in the tissue paper
Mia, Bella and Jack

Dancing, dancing queen!

Bella looking at her disco ball

GiGi holding Brynn with Bella's bow in her hair

Aunt Kristen, GiGi and Brynn

Bella and Great-Grandma Chavez

Bella and great-grandmother and granddad Gary

Bella and Meme

GiGi and Bella

Tia Anna and her babies

Jack playing

Granddad Gary

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bella's 1st Haircut

We got Bella's hair cut today! Well, they really just trimmed her bangs and the last few strands of her baby hair in the back. She did awesome! No tears at all! She enjoyed the little car! She made a face at the lady when she first cut her bangs, like what are you doing? But was happy the rest of the time! Now she won't have so much hair in her eyes! Enjoy the pics!

Bella is 1 year old

Bella turned 1 year old on Friday! I can't believe it has been 1 year, sometimes I still think I must be pregnant still and now i have a 1 year old!

On friday after school, Bella had dinner and cake! She didn't move her left hand from the cake. I guess she was making sure we didn't take it away. :-D She let me feed her and then finally reached out with her right hand under her bib to get a piece :-D. It was so cute!

We wanted to take her to the Wiggles, but they are only open 1 or 2 fridays a month so we took her to the mall playground and a ride on the carousel. She had a blast at the playground!