Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bella is 1 year old

Bella turned 1 year old on Friday! I can't believe it has been 1 year, sometimes I still think I must be pregnant still and now i have a 1 year old!

On friday after school, Bella had dinner and cake! She didn't move her left hand from the cake. I guess she was making sure we didn't take it away. :-D She let me feed her and then finally reached out with her right hand under her bib to get a piece :-D. It was so cute!

We wanted to take her to the Wiggles, but they are only open 1 or 2 fridays a month so we took her to the mall playground and a ride on the carousel. She had a blast at the playground!


  1. Happy Birthday Bella! What a beautiful little girl! We need to get together the next time ya'll are in the Falls!

  2. Ethan wanted me to tell you that he wants to go to that place with Bella and Aunt Tiffany to ride the horse. :)

  3. Definitely Allison. We would love that!
    Noelle, tell Ethan we would love that too! We will have to go there the next time he is in Texas!