Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our wonderful year in review

Well I guess I'll start blogging since everyone is doing it :-D

We have had a blessed and wonderful year!
Bella Maria Arredondo was born January 15, 2009.

We welcomed her home the next day. It was quite surreal having a baby of our own! We quickly settled in to our new life!

February Noelle and her boys came and stayed and it was a month full of pumping, feeding, changing diapers, swimming lessons and doctors/lactation consultant appointments. Bella is pictured below with the only 5 generation picture Bella will have. The generations are as follows: Bella - George (daddy) - Mary (grandmother) - Frances (great-grandmother) - Florentina (great-great grandmother).

March I started back to work and brought Bella with me! I was so blessed that I was able to do this and had such a wonderful friend to take care of Bella at work while I worked. Bella loved her mobile!

April was more work with mommy. This month, Bella went to her first piano concert at her Granddaddy's piano store, she had fun in the bluebonnets and had her first Easter!

In May Bella was dedicated to the Lord at Stonebriar Community Church. Bella was really good at holding her head up now! She also loved being held upside down! She meet her new cousin Zoe at the end of the month!

Daddy started watching Bella while I worked in June, and at the end of the month we took a trip to South Carolina. It was quite an adventure! We loved almost every minute! We saw Graceland, Biltmore Estates, the Hermitage, a Civil War home turned war hospital, and family! Bella learned to sit up all on her own at the beginning of the month! She also started eating her toes this month :-D Below she is pictured with her great-granddaddy Fulmer. She is wearing one of his baby gowns!

July was more Daddy and Bella time! Bella started crawling backwards. She also started eating home-made puree's and cereal and drinking water from a sippy cup! Below she is pictured with her great-great grandmother Florentina! This is the last picture we have of Bella and her Great-great grandmother because she passed away this fall.

August Bella started day care when George returned to work. She attends First Methodist Church Weekday School in Plano. We are blessed by her 4 wonderful teachers! Bella goes MWF, and mommy and Bella hang out on TR! Bella learned to crawl in every direction this month! She is really on the go! She went to the Dallas Cowboys new statidum and given a piece of the turf! Bella also enjoyed sometime in the pool this month!

September, my brother, Aaron got married to a wonderful lady, Kristen! We had an exciting and fun month, with the wedding and another visit from Noelle and the boys! Bella learned to clap and Aaron and Kristen's wedding rehearsal! Bella was crawling everywhere!

October, Bella flew for the first time when she and I went to visit a friend in Chicago who had just had a little baby boy. Bella was pulling up to a stance and starting to walk holding onto the couch.
We also went to hear Daddy play the guitar while one of his students sang and went to the Texas State Fair! Bella was Raggedy Ann for Halloween.

November was field with family, and work. Bella started cruising more and more, but no steps alone yet. Bella started to learn how to put herself to sleep!

December was Bella's first Christmas! It snowy, and wonderful! Bella took 1 step by herself this month 2 times, but crawling is her preferred method of transportation. Bella can now crawl up the stairs! We have to keep the gait locked!

Christmas Eve, leaving cookies for Santa. Christmas morning playing with Santa's gifts

Kristen, me, Bella, & Adrianne, the new mommys Bella with Great-Aunt Catalina

Mia, Bella, MeMe and Zoe MeMe and PoPo with their girls

Christmas at GiGi and Granddaddy's

Now it is January, Bella is about to turn 1 year old in 4 days! I can't believe it! How could a year have already gone by! Bella is still crusing around, a little afraid to let go and go far. She has taken about 3 steps at a time on her own but then drops down to her knees. She loves to push EVERYTHING around especially chairs! She is in to everything! Cabinets, especially the entertainment center cabinet are always a fun place to explore! On January 2nd, we welcomed Bella's cousin Brynn to the world. While we waited in the hospital lobby Bella entertained us by pushing a small chair all around the room.

Bella waiting for Brynn to be born

Brynn Elise Gary

I'm almost 1!!


  1. Wow! This was really a nice trip through your year. In case you are wondering--I am Robert's mother. I enjoyed catching up on you and your family.